Real & Rosemary | Rosé season at Real & Rosemary
Located in Homewood, AL, Real & Rosemary exists to make honest meals an everyday occurrence. We combine fresh ingredients in simple and familiar recipes that are made for sharing and enjoying together.
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Rosé season at Real & Rosemary

It’s hot here in Alabama. We recently added fans on our patio, making it the perfect time to get in the shade with friends and enjoy a nice glass of summer wine with your meal. What better way to enjoy this time of year than with a glass of rosé?

Rosé wines are made with red grape varietals and tend to be drier in style. We naturally gravitate toward this style because of how versatile it is whether being enjoyed by itself or with a variety of our foods.

Rosé is in vogue right now and with good reason, but we have been fans of rosé for a while largely due to the seasonality of great rosé. Much like so many of the vegetables that we love to cook with and feature during the summer, rose takes center stage during this season due to its approachability and depth of flavor.

In our own creative process for our menu at Real & Rosemary, we hope to provide options for our customers that show our passion for the pantry of the seasons through the plates we send out of our kitchen. It’s no different with our wines, and we have a selection of three different rosés that we are proud to offer and excited for you to try.


Louis de Grenelle

The Louis de Grenelle Cuvée Corail is our sparkling rosé of choice. It is produced in the Loire Valley in France. The wine is produced from cabernet franc grapes and has aromas of fresh cut flowers, limestone and strawberry. This is a very affordable sparkling option from a great region of France.


Liquid Geography

This rosé from Northwestern Spain is a project of a group of experienced wine makers coming together to create wine for a good cause. The winemakers donate 100% of the profits to cancer research. The wine is light with a slight effervescence and hints of raspberry. This rosé is different stylistically from the more common Provencal style.


Rosé de Printemps

The Rosé de Printemps is from the Provence region of France, an area highly sought after for the style of rosés produced there. This wine is bone dry with aromas of strawberries and cream. The dryness of this rosé makes it a great food wine.

We hope you are able to stop by and share in our excitement for these great wines. See you soon at Real & Rosemary.